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Have you got a concept for an online business?
Are you struggling for time and the ability to maintain an existing website?  
LMMD is here to help your small business, property or event find an
online presence through functional, creative, eye-catching website design.
Active Sites, Shopify and Squarespace are LMMD's preferred site hosts 

allowing clients to own and maintain their websites into the future on user-friendly platforms.

LMMD is also available for ongoing website maintenance as required.

LMMD does not create Wordpress sites but is open to managing existing sites, or sites created on other platforms, such as Weebly or other cPanel hosting site providers, like GoDaddy, etc.

 Domains are available directly through LMMD's secure domain portal 

Please email me for domain login credentials or for service guide and price list

Deactivated Sites
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